Welcome to Wind of Hope Initiative!

Our mission is to create an empowered, healthy, and peaceful community where children have sustainable development and experience God’s love in their lives.

Wind of Hope Initiative (WOH) is a community-based organization comprised of people with a great passion for restoring the hope of a self-sustaining future for children and youth, especially those facing difficult life situations.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. The aim is to serve the targeted groups’ by developing life changing and sustainable interventions in Psychosocial Support, Education, Nutrition, Life skills, Water Sanitation, Hygiene, and Agribusiness while promoting community participation and involvement.

Our charity work is legally registered as a community based organization (CBO) with Busiriba Sub-County and Kamwenge District.

Check out our new School!

If you love me…then feed my lambs.

John 21:15

Our latest project: the Center of Mercy Medical Clinic

We have begun construction on the Center of Mercy Medical Clinic. It’s mission is to provide life-saving care to for expecting and new mothers in the remote villages of Uganda. Many women and their children needless die every year as a result of insufficient care during pregnancy. With your help, we can provide a place to care for the mothers and their young children.

Construction on our school is complete!

We have completed construction on our new school, dedicated to Mary Queen of Peace. With four interior classrooms, this school provides a safe environment for our children’s education. Learn more about our school here.

How learning to farm changes everything

Check out how the Wind of Hope Initiative is changing the future by teaching the science of farming.

Life Skills Center

Dear friends, with your support, we have secured five sewing machines and may begin teaching young people important trade skills! The temporary structure you see in the photos will serve as the center until the permanent structure in Kanimi village completes construction.

One of the orphans who sponsored tailoring and fashion school is the lead trainer at the Skills center. (She is the one who made the clothes you see me holding in the photos). The target group within our scope includes: vulnerable youth out of school and young women that were; victims of rape, defilement, domestic violence, forced marriages or divorce that are below 24 years.

The targeted individuals will be trained in tailoring clothes especially for vulnerable children, reusable sanitary pads, head scarfs, school uniforms, quilt bed covers, among others. We hope that once they are equipped with tailoring and other life skills, they will be empowered to address not only challenges of life but also earn a living.

Learn more about our sewing program here.

Donate today to continue to support our mission!

We still have much to do for the Kamwengye District in Uganda, but we can get there with your help! Please consider sending us a donation via our American sister charity, Foundations of Jesus The Divine Mercy.

Caring for God’s children means meeting all of their needs: spiritual, physical, and psychological. We have completed a number of projects that have improved the quality of life in the Ugandan communities of Kamwengye-Busiriba and Kyamuhunga. We would welcome your help in accomplishing the projects we have planned for the future.

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Kabwohe-Mbarara, Uganda