Construction of Mary Queen of Peace School has been Completed

Thanks to the hard work and generous contributions of our supporters, we have completed construction on Mary Queen of Peace School! We are scheduled to open on January 10th to coincide with the reopening of schools in Uganda.

Mary Queen of Peace School with new plaster walls in Kanimi village, Kamwengye District-Busiriba sub-county

We have completed plastering the school building, including the outside walls and all four interior classrooms.

2. The toilets and bathrooms for the children have also been plastered and are now ready for use.

3. We have built desks, benches, and other furniture for students to use in the classrooms.

We are currently on the last stage of painting the outside wall, and we are set to be ready to open on January 10th. Thank you for your support and prayers!

You can help!

We still have much to do for the Kamwengye District in Uganda, but we can get there with your help! Please consider sending us a donation via our American sister charity, Foundations of Jesus The Divine Mercy.