Our mission is to create an empowered, healthy, and peaceful community where children can experience God’s love in their lives as well as sustainable development.

The core of our work is education. Our main purpose is to enable the community to succeed in the future by investing in the children now.

short-term goals

  • To provide for the basic needs of orphans and other vulnerable groups. Such needs include food, clothing, shelter, spiritual support, and emotional support
  • To carry out workshops to increase children’s knowledge while protecting their rights
  • To equip children and youth with a quality education through vocational training and life skills
  • To promote the best practices in farming, business, and other livelihoods in order to add value to communities and improve household income

long-term goals

  • To create sustained livelihoods in communities by raising children to be psychologically sound, spiritually upright, economically empowered, and intelligent.
  • To bring about innovations, raise funds, and manage projects which improve quality of life
  • To encourage and develop a spirit of solidarity through partnerships with individuals, unincorporated associations, churches, federations, agencies, undertakings, local authorities, unions, trusts, and any groups willing to assist the Wind of Hope Initiative to achieve its objectives