Our Story

The Wind of Hope Initiative was founded by Fr. Bomukama Denes. While doing community needs assessment and social work in Busiriba Sub-county in 2016, Fr. Denes witnessed how many children were living below the poverty line and were facing life-threatening challenges, such as hunger and the lack of basic needs.

He started conducting some charity work within the area and was later joined by a few passionate friends who extended support due to the increase of day-to-day community needs that required an extra hand.

Wind of Hope is Registered as a Uganda non-profit with Busiriba Sub-County and Kamwenge District.

In 2020, this group adopted the name Wind of Hope Initiative and was registered with the district local government as a Community Based Organization (CBO) with a major focus on education, health, psycho-social support, and agribusiness. The main beneficiaries of WOH are orphans, vulnerable children and their caregivers.

What we do today

Provide Basic Needs

WOH has provided for the basic needs of numerous communities across Uganda. In addition to distributing food and clothing, WOH has installed water tanks that provide a population of 300 people with clean water.

Sponsor Education

WOH helps to maintain schools in Busiriba sub-county, Kanini Village, Kyamuhunga Village, and the Sheema District in Uganda. Because every child deserves to be empowered by education, WOH also provides tuition to orphans and children from low-income families.

Build a Stronger Community

WOH’s efforts are directed towards the long-term result of building a stronger future for the struggling communities of Uganda. In addition to providing for the needs of individuals, we also teach agribusiness in order to lay the foundation of a stronger local economy.