Our ministry in the Kamwengye District of Uganda

The goal of Wind of Hope Initiative is to transform our local community of the Kamwengye District in Uganda and end the cycle of poverty. We do this in a number of ways beyond the just teaching children at Mary Queen of Peace School.

Building Homes

We built homes for the most vulnerable families. These homes come installed with a simple solar energy system for lighting and tanks for clean water. We also and bring them mattresses, mosquito nets, and clothes. In one of the families, the Dad is ill and we are helping him to get to Doctors for his treatment

A home equipped with tanks to collect rain water
Putting the roof on a house for a family in need

Proving Food

Many families in our community do not have stable source of nutrition, including families with growing children. With your support, the Wind of Hope Initiative is able to feed dozens of families a week!

Passing out non-perishable food
A family with food from the Wind of Hope Initiative
The meals we provide help growing children

Giving Clothing

With your donations we are able to provide necessary clothing to the community, such as shoes.

In addition to the donated clothing, we also make our own clothes at the Life Skills Center! These are made by the women at the center for their families and for others in need.

Our next Project: Center of Mercy Health Clinic

A growing problem we face in the remote villages of Uganda is death in childbirth. This is due to a lack of health service available to women in these areas.

To help solve this problem, we are beginning construction of the Center of Mercy Health Clinic. This clinic will be for Pregnant Mothers and their Children. One of the biggest goals of the Wind of Hope Initiative is to save the lives of these women and their children.

We still have much to do for the Kamwengye District in Uganda, but we can get there with your help! Please consider sending us a donation via our American sister charity, Foundations of Jesus The Divine Mercy.