God’s Mercy and Love Home over-night home for orphans

Many of our students are actually orphans. While the school provides a safe place for them to spend the day, we have noticed their need for proper shelter at night.

The latest building we are adding to our campus is the God’s Mercy and Love Home. This dormitory will provide a safe place for our students to spend the night. As you can see, we have made progress as the roof starts to take shape, but we are far from finished. In addition to building materials, we still also need beds and bedding for the dormitory, including mosquito nets.

We hope to secure funding for two buildings total, one for boys and one for girls. With your help, we can make that happen!

We still have much to do for the Kamwengye District in Uganda, but we can get there with your help! Please consider sending us a donation via our American sister charity, Foundations of Jesus The Divine Mercy.