Center of Mercy Medical Clinic

Another way that Wind of Hope helps the local community is to minister to pregnant mothers and their young children. In remote villages, there are mothers who do not have access to health services. This can be dangerous (and many times deadly) when it comes time to give birth. To solve this problem, we are building the Center of Mercy Medical Clinic. This medical facility will provide necessary care for expecting and new mothers that is both local and affordable.

So far we have laid the foundation for the medical clinic and have raised the walls. We will need further support to complete construction and to outfit the facility with the necessary medical equipment. We are working with local medical professionals to staff the clinic once it is completed, but we are open to volunteer assistance as well!

We still have much to do for the Kamwengye District in Uganda, but we can get there with your help! Please consider sending us a donation via our American sister charity, Foundations of Jesus The Divine Mercy.